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This is a no-frills page with a little information regarding this server. It's possible that you were looking for the main page of Atistar Internet Services.

I'm going to try to post maintenance info and the like on here, so users may want to check it every now and then. Items will be listed at least a week in advance of anything planned, and as soon as possible for those unplanned outages (so you at least know what happened).

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This is like a mini-FAQ. Just some things that might be useful to know.
PGP info for Nigel Stepp
2008-03-14 13:08 New mail TLS Certificates
I have updated the TLS certificates for both sending and receiving mail. You can accept the new certificates without worrying.
2007-04-22 15:38 IPv6
Atistar is now running IPv6 (yay!). Unfortunately, it seems Covad has no plans on provisioning ipv6 addresses to its customers any time soon. So, I'm going through a tunnel set up with Hurricane Electric.

If you have access to an ipv6 router on your network (or set up a tunnel), you can be all futuristic and check your email over ipv6. In fact, all of the usual services on bigiron are listening on ipv6 as well as ipv4.

Now I just need my ISP to get with the program.
2006-06-27 18:02 New equipment, Bigiron to be down morning of 06-29
Bigiron will be getting a couple of new hard drives, and my new primary UPS arrived today, which means trouble for the whole rack (how I wish I had dual power supplies). The benefits will be a new OS drive for bigiron, and another drive for the home partition raid, which will put that at 400GB.

The downside, of course is that I need to bring things down for about 1 hour while I fiddle with things.
I will be taking down bigiron Thursday morning at about 1am.
2006-05-03 12:21 PHP 5
I'm going to be upgrading the PHP system to PHP 5. From what I have seen in my investigations, there are very few incompatabilities. I expect to go through the upgrade process on May 7th at around 1am. PHP pages will not work for a few minutes while I'm installing things.
2006-04-22 12:14 DomainKeys implementation
I have implemented DomainKeys signing on outgoing email only. I will soon be implementing it on the incoming side as well, but I don't expect to be taking any action on emails that fail DomainKeys verification. At least not for a long time. I'm hoping that this or a similar technology will soon be in widespread use.

Submission port: As an aside, people should really use port 587 (the mail submission port), since port 25 is becoming more and more restricted.
2006-01-23 13:12 Covad afraid of a little snow
Covad decided not to come out today because of the snow, so the DSL installation has been rescheduled for Thursday.
2006-01-18 16:42 Connectivity problems
A while back bigiron needed to be moved to uconn since the house DSL went out. It is still there, but the uconn network has had a couple of problems. Fortunately, I have heard from covad that they will be coming out on January 23rd. Things should finally be back to normal by the 24th.
2005-09-28 12:52 Apache users be on the look out
If you use the apache server on bigiron, let me know if you encounter any problems. Apache has just gone through an update that required a little bit of config file re-organization.
2005-09-28 12:47 The Atistar network finally back on its feet
After a while in provisional status, all of the pieces of the network are now where they belong. All of the dmz things are in the dmz, all of the private things are private, and everything is in the rack where it should be (even long-missed outpost).